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Do you like Darren’s artwork, however feel the paintings currently available don’t quite hit the mark? Darren has created numerous commissions for both corporate and private clients. He will liase directly with you to establish a detailed brief , either in his studio at Arthurs Seat, at your home or place of business. Commissions usually take approximately eight weeks to complete and a deposit of one third of the total price of the artwork is required prior to commencement.

Red Hill Brewery

Darren with Designer Luke Carson and Brewery owners Karen and David Golding. Karen and David commissioned Darren to create the piece. The central motif of the Brew House is surrounded by a landscape inspired from the Mornington Peninsula. As you peer through the leaves of the Coastal Banksia the rolling hills and paddocks merge with pine tree lined lanes between the two bays.

Vibrant Mural

Vibrant mural commission for modern richmond renovation - Darren was commissioned by award winning Architects Rachcroff Vella to create a mural using his iconic Melbourne Woodcut Prints. The Images were applied to the wall using a waterproof decal. The iconic Imagery was based on locations that could be seen from the home’s rooftop garden.

Winter Wonderland

Darren Recently completed this commissioned piece for a client. The piece depicts iconic images from the US, Hong Kong, Israel and Australia adorning stacked shipping containers representing that parts of the world the couple have lived in. Two other blank container stacks represent their two young primary school aged children, yet to begin their international adventures. Visiting the snowfields every year is a childhood memory for one of the clients and continues to be an annual family tradition.

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