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Darren Doye Exhibition History


Diploma of Education, Australian Catholic University, completed 1998.

Bachelor Arts Visual Arts (Painting), Ballarat University, completed 1995. 


Exhibitions Entered:

1995Misfitted Ballarat Group Exhibition. 

1995Utopia Ballarat Group Exhibition. 

1995UNIque Advent Group Exhibition. 

1996Ned Kelly Group Exhibition (Ballarat). 

1997Ballarat Winter Festival, Group Exhibition. 

1998Ballarat Winter Festival, Group Exhibition.

1999Three Perspectives, Charles Smith Gallery

2005Tsunami Art Auction, Port Art Gallery.

2005Homage group Exhibition, Port Art Gallery.

2006Basically Black and White group Exhibition, Port Art Gallery.

2006Melbourne Affordable Art Show 2006, (Sell out) Exhibition Buildings

2006 Transformations Group Exhibition, (Sell out) Port Art Gallery.

2006Origins Group Exhibition. Port Art Gallery.

2006Touch of Red, (finalist.) Blacksphere Gallery.

2006Christmas Salon, (Sell out) Port Art Gallery.

2006Art at Burnley, (Contemporary Art Society), (Sell out)

2007Melbourne Affordable Art Show 2007,  Exhibition Buildings

2008Art Melbourne 2008, Exhibition Buildings.

2008Red Hill Art Show, (Sellout).

2008Mt Eliza Primary School Art Show.

2009Art Red Hill (Winner, sellout).

2009Canterbury Art ’09 (Winner small works, sellout).

2009Ripper Art, Ripponlea.

2009Shine on, Pivotal Galleries, (Sellout)

2010 Art Sydney, Manyung Gallery.

2010Art Red Hill

2011 Peninsula Artists Manyung Gallery

2011Canterbury Art ’11 (Sellout)

2011Art Red Hill

2011Art Melbourne, Manyung Gallery

2012Canterbury Art ‘12

2012Art Red Hill

2012St Kevins Art Show (Best Modern Painting Winner)

2012Signs Exhibition Manyung Gallery

2013Canterbury Art ‘13

2013Art Red Hill

2013Urban Paintings Manyung Gallery

2013Art Images Gallery, Adelaide

2014Canterbury Art ’14.

2014Art Red Hill.

2014Urban Exhibition, Manyung Gallery.

2015Canterbury Art ’15.

2015Art Red Hill.

2015Without Pier 20th Anniversary Exhibition.

2015Urban Exhibition, Manyung Gallery.



Solo Exhibitions, Melbourne:

1998Ned Kelly, Acland St Theatre.

1998Charles Smith Gallery, (April - May).

1998Burke and Wills, Charles Smith Gallery, (Sept - Oct). 

2002Over the Sea and Far Away, Charles Smith Gallery, (March – April). 

2003Moments of Change, Corporate Health Club, Sofitel Hotel. 

2003Recent Work, Charles Smith Gallery, (May – June). 

2007Urban Paddocks, Kingston Arts Centre, (March – April).

2007Suburban Paddocks, Port Art Gallery, (July). (Sellout)

2008Urban Sprawl, Port Art Gallery, (July).

2009Recent Walls Port Art Gallery (October).

2010Pivotal Galleries, Richmond, (February).

2010Gallery 775, Red Hill, (April).

2010Art Canterbury Feature Artist, (May). (Sellout)

2011Manyung Gallery, (January).

2011Without Pier Gallery, Hampton (August)

2012Manyung @ Glenferrie, (April) (Sellout)

2012Art Images Gallery, Adelaide (May)

2013Manyung @ Glenferrie, (April)

2013Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney (April)

2014Without Pier Gallaery, Cheltenham (August).

2015Manyung @ Malvern, (September).

2017 Manyung @ Malvern

2018 Manyung @ Malvern

2018 Manyung @Malvern


Represented in Corporate Collections:

Miele Australia

H&R LEGAL Melbourne

Talent 2 Recruitment



2006He who belongs, (Winner) Walker Street Gallery.

2008Corangamarah Art Prize, Colac, (Finalist).

2008Signature of M Art Prize, (Finalist).

2009Art Red Hill (Winner).

2009Canterbury Art ’09 (Winner small works).

2009Agendo Art Prize (Finalist).

2010Canterbury Art (Feature Artist, Sellout)

2012St Kevin’s Art Show, (Winner Best Modern Painting)









Upcoming Exhibitions



December 28 - January 3

113 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento

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